“We have worked in telecommunication network and Internet industry for many years, have rich experience in technology / product experience in blockchain, cloud storage, advertising and so on. We also have enough practice in the field of community operation and brand promotion.”

Han Youhong /Founder

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Master’s degree, has worked in China Unicom, Sina, Changyou, now the chief architect of a financial company. Han has abundant of experience at telecommunications network, Internet, Storage, Big data processing, involved in hundreds of millions of users’ storage system refactor. The distributed application which he participated has more than 100G bandwidth. Han was successfully involved in business mergers and acquisitions at 2013 as technical director, and deeply participated in Skycoin, Zoin blockchain community building.

Yan Yan /Founder

Master’s degree, has worked many years in central institutions and enterprises. Yan has a wealth of government and financing resources, been involved in the development of a number of major cultural industries projects. As an early investor in blockchain world, has been advisor in some blockchain projects.

Li Zhen /Member

Serial entrepreneurs. Li has founded an advisory services company for micro and small business in 2010. In 2014,  as co-founder of a mobile medical imaging cloud platform, which has completed A round financing. In early 2015, Li has crossover to angel investor,  focused on bitcoin, blockchain and online education field, participated a blockchain start-up company responsible for the marketing. Now, She builds a fund which focus on investments in blockchain start-ups company.

Liu Guirong /Member

Northeastern University Master’s degree, has worked at 360, kingsoft etc. Liu is a senior system engineer, has extensive practical experience in distributed system.

Li Jiangtao /Member

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Master’s degree, has worked at BUPT. Li has a deep understanding of large data, distributed applications and digital advertising. He is CTO of a company now.

Yin Dechun /Member

Beijing Institute of Technology  Doctor’s degree, has extensive engineering experience of natural language processing and machine learning.

Synth /Advisor

Early Bitcoin developer, Skycoin community leader.

Skycoin team /Strategic Partner

Let them introduce themselves. Please check this amazing project.

IoT Think Tank/Strategic Partner