SPO team has steeped in distributed applications, accumulated operational experience and a solid technical reserves for many years.

Yann /Founder

Master’s degree, has worked many years in central institutions and enterprises. Yann has a wealth of government and financing resources, been involved in the development of a number of major cultural industries projects. As an early investor in blockchain world, has been advisor in some blockchain projects.

Mooj /Director of Community

Has been in crypto currencies world since 2014 (Mainly BTC Mining) and became SPO Telegram Community Manager since Jan 2018. He is 16+ Years technician veteran in the Telecommunication, both comercial & Domestic(Currently Manager Of a Large Stadium Audio/Visual Network).

Joel /PR & Marketing

Has been working for different marketing and design agencies in Germany since 2003. Focused now on social media and content providing. Support for an information management consultant company since 2007. Has been doing also representative work at congresses and conferences for agi-imc.

Synth /Advisor

one of the earliest contributors behind Bitcoin, started Skycoin 8 years ago with a vision of creating a new, decentralized Internet. He sits on the advisory boards of several cryptocurrency projects. Synth has a background in mathematics, distributed systems, and symbolic logic.

Skycoin /Strategic Partner

The Skycoin Platform is the most advanced blockchain application ecosystem in the world. Developed by early contributors to both Bitcoin and Ethereum, Skycoin’s platform is completely secure, infinitely scalable, and ISP independent. Backed by bandwidth, storage, and computational power Skycoin is built to fulfill Satoshi’s original vision.

IoT Think Tank /Strategic Partner