SPO token

“We have thought long and hard about how to make this one of the most fair and transparent token distribution. Because SPO (the original token in SPACO) is an existing token with a working product and protocol, which is very rare in this development stage, we had to take additional steps in formulating our token plans. We believe the following plan is the best step forward, and will allow the SPACO to accelerate its growth. “

Our primary goal for the SPO is to create a mutually beneficial structure for SPACO and its supporters in order to build a large and thriving network. We want to incentivize people to get the SPO token in order to speed up development of the SPACO network and sustain it over the long term. Our commitment to this plan will be outlined in the Terms of Distribution which will also include a plan to organize responsible management and oversight of the remaining reserves.

Spaco Wallet Tutorial

Check this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yzb1CvNvqiw

Distribution Plan

SPO is issued by 2.8 billion and no additional mechanism. We use “InitialUnlockedCount” to control release at early time. It is effective to spread SPO to community. The distribution principle will be adjusted accordingly with the development of the entire network.


  • The InitialUnlockedCount (25) addresses will unlock by default.
  • The tokens from these 25 addresses are ready for SPACO storage system.
  • The rate for getting SPO will get fluctuation according to market.
  • After the InitialUnlockedCount (25) , we have no remaining balance, except we have new features/projects which increase the value of SPACO. The unlock timer will be enabled manually.
  • Current round ratio for our token is 1SPO = 0.000018BTC.

Warning & Legal

  • SPO is a token, if it been listed on an exchange, its market may fall or raise and there is no guarantee about it. By trading SPO you are aware that the risk in trading is high and there is a risk that you may loose SPO or in worse case money.
  • You are responsible to ensure if you use SPO that the holding, dealing or usage of a token is legal in your country.
  • You must make sure to protect your wallet and you are responsible to ensure you have copies of the SPO wallet.dat files as backup. SPO is not responsible if you loose your wallet or password.
  • If you use the SPO product (wallet & services) you are aware of the risk and regulation and agree that the developers, owners, partners are not responsible should you:
    ◦ Lose your SPO
    ◦ Lose funds within trading
    ◦ Forget your password
    ◦ Send wrong amounts of SPO
    ◦ Use an invalid address and lose SPO
    ◦ Suffer a hardware failure on your system and lose data, SPO or anything else on that system
    ◦ Use SPO illegal in your country or location you reside
    ◦ You also agree NOT to use SPO for any illegal purposes