SPO Token

Our primary goal for the token is to create a mutually beneficial structure and its supporters in order to build a large and thriving network. We want to incentivize people to get the SPO token in order to speed up development of the SPO and sustain it over the long term. Our commitment to this plan will be outlined in the Terms of Distribution which will also include a plan to organize responsible management and oversight of the remaining reserves. 

SPO Wallet Tutorial

Check this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yzb1CvNvqiw

Distribution Plan

SPO is issued by 2.8 billion and no additional mechanism. SPO token will not have ICO.

How can you get SPO?

  1. To be contributors of SPO.

  2. Use services, applications and miners which support by SPO.

The distribution principle will be adjusted accordingly with the development of the entire project.