Q: Why are we called SPO?

A: SPO is from “spaco”, which means “space”in the language Esperanto. Our ambition is to create a parallel network or “space” from which the current world is using.

Q: What goal is SPO trying to achieve?

A: We want to build a distributed, encrypted and smarter network that can evolve itself. SPO is a series of protocols and applications that will run on parallel networks like Skywire.

Q: What will the SPO network be used for?

A: For example, our storage system is based on Skycoin’s CXO, DHT, Merkle DAG…..It is not only a distributed file system, but also a distributed storage system and can replace current day applications like DropBox, Bittorrent and CDN (Content Delivery Network), while also providing storage APIs for the Apps that will run on the SPO network. While distributed business are still in the infancy of their adoption, we plan to help increase the awareness and uptake via the SPO network to show the importance of decentralization and net neutrality.

Q: Will SPO be able to detect an ARP-spoof?

A: Generally, ARP is used to map mac address to IP address. In the SPO network, we will use a private key to replace the IP’s. If you don’t have the private key, you can’t fake the data. You can do an ARP-spoof, but the faked data sent will be ignored.

Q: Where I can check how many people own SPO now?

A: Currently 38 million tokens has be released. SPO & Hours will be used to provide the users content and resource on SPO network. We expect our user base will rise quickly after first product release.

Q: What are token hours?

A: It’s tangible and tradeable asset that will be receive for holding SPO in your SPO wallets. Similar to staking, every SPO held in your wallet will receive 1 Token Hour for every hour held (100 SPO, held for 1 hour, will receive 100 Token Hours). These Token Hours will also be used to pay for SPO network assets, like transaction fees, storages and contents. As a reward to early investors, we will be sending tokens with to the oldest address.

Q: What is the expected supply in 2018?

A: We don’t plan to distribute too many tokens in the short term, we will be using a math model that will assist with distribution and simulate all kinds of situation. We have fixed 2.8 billion as the max supply, and 250 million will be our total supply. 250m tokens will be used to satisfy our fluidity demand for many years. It’s locked by our “InitialUnlockedCount” codes and you can check out the github for further details. We’re also doing engineering experiments using the HMM model and other math toolboxes to simulate our economic model.

Q: How do I generate my SPO wallet from seed?

A: When you first select “Add Wallet” in our client, your seed will be generated there, we recommend writing this down for security and to be able to restore your wallet at a later date.