Scalability & Efficiency

SPACO provides a great advantage over its competitors due to its open multi-dimensional products, on network storage resources, combined with our team, which has many years of experience in P2P network with large-capacity file distribution. There will be a distributed storage market, brokered deals on the blockchain by use of smart contracts. For users’ data, storage and processing strategies are adopted in isolation for content and behaviour, all content stored is accessible to the full list of node and users’ light node. On the users’ end, we customize the browser with an SPP:// prefix to access Web content. The user can visit open data sites, make a mirror locally and share this data with others via p2p. This will also act as a way to simultaneously earn tokens. Not only that, when you visit the traditional Http / Https network prefix, you can be rewarded through support of the SPACO network with SPO, and tokens hours. Both SPACO and Skycoin teams are genuinely devoted to the construction of this new next-gen network together.