Bounty Plan

This bounty plan is a beta version, we are currently working on our bounty system.


We seek the assistance of people who can speak/translate Chinese and English at a native level. Everytime a new Chinese content is released, we will set an SPO level as bounty for translating it into English.

Content Creation

Blog posts, articles, videos

  • Negotiable based on views, publishing outlet, quality.
  • You must add SPO’s website address and Telegram Group invite link in your contents.
  • Contact us ahead of time until we establish a way to value the content.
  • The more followers / subscribers to your Blog, Twitter, Youtube or other social media the more bounty you will receive.
Followers:      500-1000 (1%)    1001-1500 (1.1%)    1501-2000 (1.2%)    2001-2500 (1.3%)    2501-5000+ (1.5%)

For example, if we value your content at 500 SPO, and you have 500 followers, you will get 505 SPO. Please be sincere with the content produced for the bounty program. If something appears to have been done in poor faith we may reject or reduce the reward (for example, fake views or sloppy infographics).

Social Media Engagement

6 SPO will be awarded to you, for each new member invited to our Telegram community group. Please add new members from your Telegram contacts so we can know how many people come by you. We will use particular link system in the future(Coming soon).

If you have other ideas for promoting SPO that deserve a bounty, please suggest them in the Telegram bounty group.