Important Annoucment!

I must say sorry for all the SPO supporters. As you noticed, I always keep silence recently that because I have used a lot of time to re-organize SPO. It is hard, but it is the rare opportunity for SPO rebirth. As the workflow optimized, all the progress will speed up than the old days.


  1. Han ( @Han_Samos ) & Jing ( @mackie007 ) left SPO project and build Samos. We are still friends. My very best wishes to them for a lifetime of happiness.

  2. SPO is NOT DEAD. Everything will keep going.

  3. How to treat the relationship between SPO & Samos is still under thinking.

  4. Skycoin team is still support SPO a lot.

  5. About devs, no doubt I am finding new devs. I can’t tell too much about them before all the things get clear.

  6. The new devs from SPO team will make more contributions for the ecological instead of the limited support for Skycoin code library as before.

  7. I am fine, thank you.


  1. New website and logo which been delayed time by time will release soon.

  2. New Partners & Advisory Team will be announced at next month.

  3. New production will bring unexpected surprise.

I know you all love SPO. From last year, a lot of people have paid so much hard works on it. Under the support of our community, SPO will prove its vitality.

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