Roadmap 2018

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

Firstly, I must say thank you to our community. SPO is a complex and grand project. We can’t continue our hard works without your passion and support. Lots of members have taken part in our community management (special thanks to Mooji), translation works, project development and brand designs (So many talents in our group).

Our community member “Don’t panic” always works for us at his break time. Joel is even holding an Airdrop event by himself to expand SPO’s influence ( BTW, SPO team will support him and any actives helpful with the project, please tell me your plan). At meantime, community activists like Professor Candyman and Charles are keeping promotional works for SPO……These just are parts of deeds which enough to prove that we have a great community with full of vitality.

Secondly, I am very grateful to work with our team, especially with Han, Mackie (Mackie made a lot of works since she joined the project) and Yueh during our traditional festival. We will not let our supporters be disappointed.

At last, and very important, thanks for all the support from Skycoin team. We will make the future come true together!

Now, I am glad to announce our Roadmap 2018. It is not an overall plan of SPO , but it can let you know what we can reach this year—-which is the key, and I believe it will be a great time for SPO. Enjoy

Yours                                                                                                                                                         Yan & SPO Team