SPACO will not be built in a day #3

The team had further discussions on the hardware design of the miner and the router. Preliminary confirmed the hardware specifications and its development cycle.
Moreover, we have started two mobile wallet development teams.

Han, as a representative of the SPACO team, joined with the Skycoin Chinese community in participating in a blockchain conference in Shenzhen.

Our branding and visual strategies were further rearranged, stage one is expected to be completed by late February 2018, which includes the update of VI and the website.

Formed a hardware team, began the development of both storage and routing for SKY+SPO Duo-mining.

Han, the founder of SPACO, attended and presented in the meetup events in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Focus discussion with the storage project team.


The two founders of SPACO met with an economist and discussed the SPACO’s Economic white paper; this white paper is expected to be released in February 2018.


Launched a strategic upgrade plan for marketing and branding, we have now increased the size of this team.

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