Announcement about strategic partnership between SPACO and IoT think tank

Yan (Founder of SPACO) & Zhao xiaofei (CEO of IoT think tank)

On December 21, 2017, SPACO and IoT think tank, have finalized the details of their strategic partnership:

“SPACO has the ability to flex its muscles in the field of IoT, IoT think tank is willing to work for the SPACO in the media support, market consulting, industrial organization, financing and other areas.” said Xiaofei Zhao, CEO of IoT think tank.

“The partnership between the two sides will be comprehensive and close ; we will organize a series of activities with IOT think tank next year.” said Yan, the founder of SPACO.

About IoT think tank:

IoT think tank was founded in 2012. In the past five years, we focused on information service for IoT companies and build a good relationship with most companies of IoT industrial chain in China.

IoT Vertical Media

IoT think tank is one of the earliest professional media dedicated to IoT in China. We have several platforms such as Wechat, Website and Weibo, attracting more than 200,000 targeted, faithful users in the IoT area. It is worth mentioning our Wechat accounts “Think Tank of IoT” and “IoT Headlines”: We post the most completed IoT news, frontier technology progress, in-depth industrial insights on the IoT filed each day through these two Wechat accounts. Now, most of the IoT practitioners have already subscribed to these two Wechat accounts and use it as a primary source of IoT news and insights.

Market consultation

With the resource of IoT companies in China through vertical media, we have a good overall knowledge of China’s IoT market. This advantage allows us to provide consulting services for large enterprises, government and other organizations, such as survey report, IoT industrial planning, intelligence service and transformation consulting. We have released several first market reports in China with first-hand data, such as “Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) Market Survey Report” and “2 Dimension View on IoT Industry in China”. We also provide IoT industrial planning services for Shanghai and Xiamen government.

We are planning to release the following new reports in the latter half of 2017: “China IoT Market Industrial Framework 2017”, “2017 China LPWAN Market Survey and Development Forecast Report” and “2017 Market Opportunities and Trends for Cellular IoT Modules in China”.

Industrial organization:

We keep an eye on the IoT ecosystem in China. At the end of 2015, we initiated the LPWAN Alliance, which is the first industrial organization in this area in China. We are building a platform for enterprises to communicate and dock resources. Now, it became one of most well-known IoT alliance in China, providing leading market opportunities for many companies.


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