SPACO will not be built in a day #2

2017.12.3 Met the CEO of Nanjing d3j Software Technology Co., Ltd.

2017.12.4 Discussed the details of the design of the storage system scene; updated with a new logo.

2017.12.5 Discussed the economic model; finished the first edition Object Document of Storage System Design; new members began to test documents; add monitoring to the test system; released an updated version of wallet.

2017.12.6 Discussed the bounty program; revised the project plan; determined a part-time browser designer from Microsoft; two new engineers joined our SPACO team. Yan met a famous international lawyer and talked about the future of SPACO.

2017.12.8 Set up the Docker Mirror; added statistical function to the back-office systems.

2017.12.9 Identified a strategic investor with 20M SPO, ensured sufficient funding for the next step development; discussed to support XMR in Teller and arranged a development plan; released the Q&A page; proposed the browser-plug wallet development plan, has arranged staffs to follow up; researched browser and started reading codes. Yan met some marketing resources.

2017.12.10 Upgraded a new paid site certificate; added two new nodes; set the SKYWIRE development plan; added a new product manager. Yan met an influential law firm at Beijing which will be an important part for SPACO’s internationalisation.

2017.12.11 Communicated with the front-end developer.