Announcement about strategic partnership between SPACO and Skycoin

Thanks to blockchain, machine learning and deep learning bring new views: Gives us an opportunity to engage with all of the world’s resources by blockchain-trust machine; to discover new mode of operation of Internet by AI technology, the times given us the opportunity to build a new intelligent Internet. By blockchain, all of us can build the next generation of Internet by share the achievements.


Construction of new Internet is a vast engineering, which requires so many new projects with scenes involved, in order to reduce the difficulty to carry out real business activities on new Internet and ensure conduct real business activities, based the studies of Skycoin, we launched project SPACO.

SPACO will provide business class reliable, secure, intelligent infrastructure by new generation of Internet, in order to promote the smooth of business activities. At current phase, SPACO launched security, economic system, distributed scheduling, collaborative work and many other researches; Storage projects as the basis for the entire SPACO network: SPACO-Nebula, has entered the engineering design stage.

SPACO network will be based on the blockchain of Skycoin, Skywire, CXO, CX and other projects, build a new foundation for intelligent Internet application ecosystem, provide platform for building true applications, and real business can be run in a more secure efficient Internet allowing users to enjoy a more reliable service.

About Skycoin

At this age, there are many like-minded explorers and pioneers, one of the outstanding representatives is Skycoin, the goal of Skycoin is to build a new generation of Internet, has done more than six years of research, there are a large number of components which can work have been developed:

1, Developing a new consensus algorithm “Obelisk”, fixed all the major issues of bitcoin.

2, Skywire, solves the underlying problem of network security

3, CX language, provides mathematical certainty general-purpose programming language, a more secure environment for smart contracts.

4, CXO object system, provides a good underlying support for P2P network.

We strongly recommend you to check it out access

SPACO and Skycoin will have a broad cooperation at development, research, maketing and many other fields.




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