SPACO will not be built in a day #1

2017.2-2017.8  Tested cryptocurrency, pools, exchanges, etc., done a lot of preparatory basis works for SPACO

2017.8   SPACO born

2017.10   Completed Website

2017.11.3   Tested the servers from Japan, the United States, Hong Kong 

2017.11.4   Tested teller

2017.11.5   Discussed the cybersecurity adaptive scheme

2017.11.11   Communicated the “SSR-7”-credit building program, added digital signature at Mac version wallet

2017.11.12   Followed “SSR-13”-digital assets and the application scenarios

2017.11.13   Tentative officially released at 11.20

2017.11.14   Adjusted the log format; Reopening discussed the mirroring solution and simplified storage solution; Started the design of browser, SSR-16; Collaborated Skycoin team with the new log collection function on wallet

2017.11.15   Formalized the Logo design, changed the wallet icon

2017.11.18   Discussed consensus algorithm; Discussed the possibility of cutting in government security building; Discussed the possibility of assets digitization and transfer based on blockchain; Yan met Iot industry professionals who are very optimistic about the prospects of SPACO, the two sides planned the next cooperation

2017.11.19   Debugged Logging

2017.11.20-22   Yan took part in the Swiss LANTERN FUND FORUM 2017, which mainly about finance and blockchain industry. Yan introduced SPACO to many investors and entrepreneurs in blockchain industry during the forum, for the foundation for further cooperation.

2017.11.22  At Switzerland, Yan was invited to participate in a meeting organized by the Rothschild Group with Alibaba which related to big data and cloud services, participated in the Cocktail later.

2017.11.23   Followed CX language features; Adjusted servers; Discussed storage system

2017.11.24   Applied the new Hong Kong servers; Initialized deploy other code

2017.11.25   Viewed DHT related documents, researched base code library and storage process design

2017.11.26   Browser-engine submitted for simulate development; Communicated with Steve from skycoin team, determined the follow-up collaborate with skycoin; Communicated with Shanghai team

2017.11.27   Negotiated the matters about Shanghai roadshow

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